What Is the Profit of Recycling Used Aluminum Cans?

Baled Aluminum Cans and Scraps

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Various cans are made of aluminum or aluminum alloy, which are the important metal materials for recycling at home and abroad. The aluminum can baler machine is the practical metal recycling equipment for many waste metal recycling plants and other metal processing factories. To reuse the waste aluminum cans and further process them can not only protect the natural environment but also can make great profits.

Analysis of the worldwide waste aluminum cans resources

With the rapid expansion of demand for related products such as beverages and beer internationally, the use of aluminum cans has also grown rapidly. It is understood that the world’s annual consumption of waste aluminum cans far exceeds 100 billion, and it consumes nearly 2 million tons of high-quality aluminum.

horizontal metal sheets press details
horizontal metal sheets press details

Compared with the production of electrolytic aluminum from aluminum ore to further produce aluminum cans, the new cans produced by recycling and recycling waste aluminum cans can save at least 97% of energy, and can also effectively reduce 95% of carbon dioxide emissions and 97% Water pollution.

The importance of recycling aluminum cans

The resource recycling and high-value comprehensive recycling of waste and non-ferrous metals can greatly alleviate the pressure on the earth’s resources. Reducing the cost of raw materials will become an important way to solve the shortage of non-ferrous metal resources in various countries and a key link in implementing sustainable development.

waste cans for recycling

At present, the domestic waste cans resources have not been reasonably reused. Its material is a relatively high-grade aluminum alloy material. However, due to technical problems in China, the recycling of waste aluminum cans is greatly restricted. The Shuliy aluminum cans baling machine is specially designed for helping to recycle all kinds of cans, which is on hot-sale in the international market.

The recycling profits analysis for metal recycling plants

Waste cans contain more aluminum and aluminum alloy resources, and the profit after recycling is very high. As for domestic, the current recycling cost of cans is about 1,300 yuan per ton, and even in some regions, the price is even cheaper, about 1,200 yuan per ton. The price of cans sold to steel mills after crushing is 1,800 yuan per ton, and in some areas, it is 1,700 yuan per ton.

The market conditions vary from place to place. A very important ingredient in can recycling is aluminum, and the price of aluminum determines the size of the profits of can recycling. Now after crushing, aluminum can be sold for nearly 10,000 yuan, which is about 9,000 yuan per ton. The profit is very considerable. It is understood that more than 400 kg of aluminum can be crushed per ton of cans.

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