Hydraulic full-automatic metal baler is now common equipment for scrap metal recycling, especially in recycling metal resources such as used car shells, aluminum cans, and scrap iron. Our commercial metal balers from Shuliy Machinery have been exported to the United States, Mexico, Singapore, Japan, and other countries. What should I pay attention to when using hydraulic metal balers?

Main application advantages of the metal baler machine

The hydraulic metal baling machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which has the advantages of compact structure, convenient removal, simple operation, easy maintenance, and reliable sealing. In addition, no foot screws are required during installation.

Horizontal metal baler machine for sale
horizontal metal baler machine for sale

Users can choose the scrap metal packing specifications and sizes according to their actual needs, in order to greatly cooperate with transportation or storage. The hydraulic metal baler is a good device to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, and reduce transportation costs.

How does the hydraulic metal scraps baler work?

The basic working principle of a hydraulic metal baling machine is to use the properties of plastic materials that can produce plastic deformation under the action of external forces, which can form a compact mass. Therefore, metals that cannot be plastically deformed or have small plastic deformation cannot be directly packed with an efficient metal baler. Such as high carbon steel, tool steel, wire rope, and cast iron, etc., can not be directly packed with hydraulic balers.

Baled scrap metal blocks
baled scrap metal blocks

Attention to be paid when using the metal baling equipment

For the metal baler, in addition to the correct use according to the instructions in the instruction manual, we must also pay attention to the daily maintenance of the hydraulic metal baler. Because only good maintenance can extend the life of the machine and maximize the performance of the metal baler.

1. Once a week, remove the debris or garbage from the baler.

2. Once a month, clean and maintain the upper drift plate, middle knife, and front ejector.

3. Once a week, add moderate grease between all camshaft surfaces of the metal baler and the connecting shaft of the upper extension.

4. Once a year, fill the motor oil in the gearbox of the reducer. It should be noted that these parts cannot be refueled: the reel belt rollers, all transmission belts, and the electromagnetic clutch need not be refueled.

5. It is not necessary to add too much each time to refuel, in order to prevent the switch of the baler machine from malfunctioning due to oil immersion.