The cable shredder is designed to dispose of waste wire/cables/electric plates into small pieces to break down and recycle this waste. Recently, due to its efficiency and ability to reduce waste in the electronic industry, this kind of double-shaft shredder machine has become increasingly popular.

This copper wire shredder is very powerful, not only for wires/cables/circuits but also for metals and plastics, garbage, wood, etc.

Why use the copper cable shredder machine for wire/cable shredding?

High recycling value

Wires and cables contain many metals, such as copper and aluminum, which can be recycled and converted into other metal products. Recycling wire and cable can bring considerable economic benefits.

Save resources

Recycling wire and cable can help save natural resources because they can be reused instead of being thrown away in landfills or burned. This is very important for environmental protection.

Meeting regulatory requirements

In many countries and regions, there are strict regulatory requirements for the disposal of waste wire and cable. Using a shredder for wire and cable can meet regulatory requirements and thus avoid fines and legal risks.

Reduction of risky waste

Wire and cable contain many dangerous chemicals. If disposed of freely, they may cause a serious impact on the environment and human health. The waste cable shredder is used to avoid handling these causally.

Structure of Shuliy cable crusher machine

Structure of waste cable crusher
structure of waste cable crusher

As a professional shredder manufacturer and supplier, the structure of our shredder has been continuously optimized and upgraded, which is very suitable for customers’ needs.

According to the picture above, our shredder is composed of reducer, motor, feed port and discharge port. It is actually very simple and straightforward. If you want to learn more, please contact us, and welcome to come to visit our factory!

Advantages of using the scrap cable shredder

  1. High efficiency: Compared to manual wire removal or other traditional methods, the use of a cable shredder can significantly increase processing efficiency and thus productivity.
  2. Great precision: The cable granulator can precisely shred the wires and cables into small particles suitable for recycling, and these small particles can be processed again more easily.
  3. Great safety: The cable shredder machine can be controlled automatically while working, reducing the risk of manual intervention.
  4. Environmental protection: There are harmful substances in the wire and cable, and by using the cable shredder, these dangerous substances can be disposed of effectively.
  5. Low cost: In terms of long-term benefits, the use of the wire shredder for wire and cable recycling can significantly reduce labor costs.

How about the scrap cable shredder price?

For customers, one of the important factors to consider when buying a machine is the price. Of course, customers to buy the copper cable shredder machine are the same.

When you buy a shredder machine for various wastes, you can consider the output you want to handle, your budget, the manufacturer, etc. These are for your reference only. You can also tell us your needs, etc., and we will design the best solution for you.

Working video of copper cable shredder for sale