Metal recycling and baling are common in many countries now. We can use the hydraulic metal baler and vertical metal chip briquetting machine to collect and reuse the classified scrap metal fragments, which can not only improve the processing efficiency of scrap metal but also It can reduce the labor intensity of workers. Recently, we exported a vertical baler to Indonesia to press copper chips and aluminum chips into briquettes.

Main features of vertical copper chips baler

Vertical copper chips baler is mainly used to direct cold press cast iron chips, stainless steel chips, iron shavings, steel shavings, copper chips, aluminum chips, etc. into cylindrical cakes weighing 2-10 kg through high pressure.

Metal scrap briquettes
metal scrap briquettes

There is no need to heat and add any additives in the pressing process of metal chips cakes. The application of metal chips vertical baler is mainly to facilitate the storage and transportation of metal shavings and reduce the loss in the process of recycling and reuse.

Details about the Indonesia order of copper chips vertical baler machine

The Indonesian customer mainly helped his brother’s metal recycling plant find a manufacturer of metal recycling equipment in China, because he can speak Chinese and facilitate communication.

The Indonesian customer stated that his brother currently has a large amount of metal scraps to be recycled, mainly stainless steel scraps, aluminum scraps, and copper scraps, with the largest number of copper scraps. Therefore, they need a copper chips baler machine with larger output and better quality.

Vertical metal chips baler machine
vertical metal chips baler machine

Through further communication, we learned that the customer’s brother mainly wanted to squeeze copper scraps and other materials into a 1205070mm cylinder, each weighing about 3kg. According to the customer’s needs, we recommended a suitable one for him The model of the machine, the output is 900kg/h.

The Indonesian customer was very satisfied with the production plan we provided, and then it was convenient for his brother to have further communication. In the end they decided to cooperate with us.