A paper recycling company in the United States recently decided to introduce advanced equipment to improve the efficiency of their baling operation in order to deal with the increasing demand for processing. After research and comparison, they chose to purchase two customized vertical balers to meet their specific needs.

Requirements about the vertical balers for the USA

The U.S. customer wanted a larger baling size to be able to handle larger volumes of waste paper. On top of that, there was an automated control system to improve productivity. According to these requirements, Shuliy offers specialized solutions.

Vertical baler machine
vertical baler machine

Shuliy 40T vertical balers use a highly efficient hydraulic system to quickly compress waste paper into compact packages in a short period of time. Besides, the vertical baler machine is equipped with an advanced PLC control system and touchscreen interface, which makes the operation more intelligent and convenient.

Benefits for the USA client

By purchasing these advanced baler machines, the waste paper recycling company has achieved high efficiency and automation in the waste paper baling process, greatly improving efficiency and reducing human resources. At the same time, the customized design ensures that the hydraulic baling press fits perfectly with the enterprise’s existing production process and working environment, improving the reliability and stability of the equipment.

Machine list for the USA

40t vertical balerModel-40
Pressure: 40tons
Baler size : 100*60*80mm
cylinder stroke:125cm
Machine size: 1650*850*2700mm
Voltage request : 208-230v 3 phase  60hz
2 sets
Electric boxElectric box2 pcs
Back push hydraulic cylinderBack push hydraulic cylinder2 pcs
vertical balers for the USA

Notes: For the SL-40T vertical hydraulic baler, the client requires that the machine voltage is 230v 60hz single electric, and that add safety door, hydraulic push packet rear bar and fully automatic electric box.