This hydraulic baling press is very popular in the recycling field, especially Shuliy’s vertical and horizontal hydraulic balers, which are very famous in the international market. So what is the situation of the hydraulic baling press in Indonesia? Please see the following aspects.

The market analysis of the hydraulic baling press in Indonesia

In fact, there are recycling industries in various countries around the world. Today we will focus on the analysis of the market in Indonesia.

Because of the prevalence of world trade and the development of technology in the country, most investors or buyers of machinery for the recycling industry in Indonesia choose to import. Even if they buy machines from local suppliers, most of the machines are imported from overseas.

And China, as one of the world’s largest trading exporters, is also the focus of export of the hydraulic baler machine.

The advantages of the hydraulic baler machine in Indonesia imported from China Shuliy

1. Rich export experience.

We are a company integrating factory and trade, which means that our machines have both price advantage and quality can be guaranteed. And our machines are often exported overseas, to Southeast Asia, Africa, and other regions are regular customers. For export, we have rich experience.

2. The machine has a high praise rate and a high repurchase rate.

We exported our hydraulic baler to Indonesia, our Indonesian customer gave us a very good evaluation after he bought our machine for the first time, and then purchased the hydraulic horizontal baler from us, and the specific case can be seen below. I take the hydraulic baling press in Indonesia and Gabon as examples for your reference.