Good news! Our Gabonese customer has once again bought a vertical hydraulic oil drum baler machine from us. In April this year, this Gabonese customer already bought a 40T hydraulic baling press from us for baling waste products, and now he has ordered a 100T oil drum baling machine from Shuliy again!

Why did the Gabonese customer order another 100T hydraulic oil drum baler machine from Shuliy?

This Gabonese customer has a large scrap processing plant and had previously ordered a 40T baling press machine for scrap processing, but now needed a larger capacity baler for the disposal of waste oil barrels.

Hydraulic oil drum baler machine
hydraulic oil drum baler machine

The baler he had previously purchased had performed very well and had a good baling effect, so when he needed to buy another hydraulic press baler, he contacted Shuliy as his first choice.

The reasons why Shuliy’s hydraulic baler sells so well

Shuliy hydraulic baling press is not only available in a wide range of models, but there has always been a demand for recycling products in the market. In addition to this, the machine has the advantages of good performance, high efficiency, long service life, and easy maintenance.

Moreover, the machine can be used for a wide range of applications, such as scrap iron, scrap steel, scrap metal, sawdust, clothes, tyres, plastic, cardboard, PET bottles, aluminum cans, etc.

Vertical baler machines
vertical baler machines

Parameters of this 100T hydraulic oil barrel baler machine

Hydraulic vertical baling machine for oil drum
Model: SL-100
Pressure: 100tons 
100-tonne vertical machine for pressing 200L oil drums
Voltage: 380v 50hz 3 phase

It is important to note that this Gabonese customer should make 100% payment prior to the delivery of the machine and the agreed delivery time was 7-10 days.