Shuliy automatic horizontal baler is suitable for straw, grass, waste paper packaging, cotton packaging, clothing packaging, plastic bottles packaging, cola bottles packaging, and other soft goods packaging. It is good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs.

Why did this Indonesian customer buy a 120T waster paper automatic horizontal baler again?

This customer has his own company in the area and was looking for a machine for a local waste paper baling factory to solve problems for his customers, which was the first reason for the decision to buy.

He bought one of our horizontal baling machines before and it worked very well, so when he needed to buy the machine again, he decided to buy it from us, which was the second reason.

In addition, this customer has also used this type of baler before, the after-sales service is very little, is also very understanding of this machine, this is the third reason why he decided to buy.

120t automatic horizontal baler
120T automatic horizontal baler

Reasons for fast order about the 120T automatic horizontal hydraulic baler with Shuliy

  1. Our sales manager April responds to messages promptly and is able to help customers solve practical problems, which makes customers trust us a lot and build a good relationship.
  2. Our automatic horizontal baler has good quality, excellent performance, and a good baling effect. For customers, the cost performance is high and it is a good machine that cannot be missed.

Detailed parameters of the 120T automatic horizontal baler machine

Model  SLY-120
Baler size (500-2500)*1100*800mm
Machine size  7200*2000*2200mm
Feeder port  1400mm
Type Automatic packing/threading/bundling
Master cylinder (brand: Wuxi Mingyou) 230mm*3200mm
Motor (brand: Shandong Naxuan)) 22kw
Main oil pump (brand :Qidong Jinda) HY80Y-RP Variable displacement piston pump
Hydraulic assembly HNJ1400-2DDJD valve block
Four-way combination valve Beijing Huade 4WE10E50
Electrical brand Renmin+ Chint + Xinjie
Round trip time 31 s
Operating system (brand Mitsubishi/Xinjie) PLC
Transformer system (Brand :Taiwan MEAN WELL) LRS -75/350-24
Bearings (Harbin) 6211RZ /6206RZ
Unloader NJ K7D2
Condenser OR250(copper core)