Our vertical hydraulic baler can press various materials, such as waste paper, plastic, scrap iron, wood, corn hay straw, etc. Moreover, the output of this automatic press baler machine is diversified, and various recycled materials can be packaged. If you are interested in this kind of baler, please contact us!

The detailed process of the vertical hydraulic baler ordered by the Gabonese customer

In October this year, a customer from Gabon asked about our vertical hydraulic baler. Our sales manager April contacted him after receiving his inquiry. Through understanding, she knew that this customer bought this machine for waste recycling. Therefore, his first inquiry was about SL-40 and SL-60 machines. So April sent him the information, photos, videos, etc. of the machine.

hydraulic vertical baler

After reading these, the Gabonese customer asked if this machine was a double-cylinder hydraulic machine. And he wanted a double-cylinder hydraulic machine so that it could work more efficiently. April explained that if you needed a double cylinder, we would match you with a double-cylinder vertical hydraulic baler machine. All of these were based on your needs.

After solving this problem, the Gabonese customer asked about the payment. April also explained our payment process. At last, the customer paid the machine fee in full at the same time as placing the order.

Vertical hydraulic press baler specifications

Hydraulic press balerModel: SL-40
Pressure: 40tons
Power: 11kW
Voltage: 220V 50HZ single phase
Weight: 900kg
Cylinder stroke:100cm
Machine size: 1650*800*2700mm
1 set