Shuliy Machinery’s semi-automatic horizontal baler has become a highly regarded and innovative piece of equipment in the scrap recycling industry. With its high efficiency and convenience, this baler machine brings a brand new solution to the recycling of various wastes such as waste paper and waste cardboard.

Simple operation of the semi-automatic horizontal baler, increased work efficiency

Shuliy Machinery’s horizontal baler machine is simple to operate, simply place the scrap into the baling chamber and press a button to complete the baling process. This ease of operation dramatically improves efficiency and makes the scrap recycling process more efficient.

Customized design of baler machine

Shuliy Machinery’s semi-automatic horizontal baler is adjustable and customizable to accommodate different types and sizes of waste. This makes the baler work well in waste recycling sites of all sizes to meet different needs.

Sustainable development contribution of Shuliy Machinery baling press

Our semi-automatic horizontal baler not only improves the efficiency of waste recycling and reduces labor costs, but also reduces the pollution of the environment. Its compact baling method not only saves space but also protects waste from pollution and damage, making a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the recycling industry.


Shuliy Machinery’s semi-automatic horizontal baler has become a new milestone in the recycling industry. Its efficient and convenient waste baling solution, simple operation and customized design, as well as its contribution to sustainable development, make it indispensable equipment for the recycling industry. Contact Shuliy Machinery to bring you more creative solutions in the recycling industry.