In Shuliy Machinery, the metal chip briquette machine can press the metal chips, powder, etc. into the regular shape. Such as square, round, or other types. Thus, this metal chips pressing machine is very important to the metal industry. Recently, we exported one 300T metal chip briquetter to Italy.

Why did the Italian customer want to buy the metal chip briquette machine?

This Italian customer has a large steel baler production factory. So, every day, a lot of scraps of chips appear. For the mass steel bar production, it’s a waste. When he was looking for related machines on the Internet, he came across our machines. So he contacted us.

The communication process of buying the metal chip briquetter

Iron chips briquette machines are in manufacturing
  • Ask his requirements: what type of machine the Italian customer wants and what his material is.
  • Recommend the relevant machine: our sales manager recommended the 300T briquetting machine to him according to his requirements. In addition to that, relevant information about the machine was sent, such as working video, photos, parameters, etc.
  • Determine the details: determine the voltage, the shape of the finished product, the configuration of the machine, etc. according to the customer’s requirements.
  • Machine production & packaging and transportation: the customer paid the deposit. Shuliy machinery started production. After the production is completed, the balance is paid. Finally, the machine is packed and shipped to the destination.

Working video of the metal chip briquette machine