Recently, our technicians have successfully cooperated with our Saudi customer and completed the installation and commissioning of a hydraulic metal cutting machine – gantry shear at the site in Saudi Arabia.

Previously, this Saudi Arabian customer purchased an 800T gantry shearing machine from Shuliy Machinery, and we promised that we would come to the site to install the machine for the customer.

Why purchased Shuliy gantry hydraulic metal cutting machine for Saudi Arabia?

Gantry shear machine is an efficient and precise metal shearing equipment, which can be widely used in steel, non-ferrous metal and other industries.

In this cooperation, we assigned our technical personnel and Saudi Arabia customers to work together to complete the installation and commissioning of the gantry shear, to ensure its normal operation and efficient work.

Gantry shears bring efficient and accurate metal shearing experience to customers in Saudi Arabia

With the smooth installation of the hydraulic metal cutting machine, the production process of this Saudi company has been greatly improved.

Gantry shear installation
gantry shear installation

The gantry shear’s efficient shearing capacity has made its production process more accurate and efficient, while also reducing its production costs. In addition, because the hydraulic gantry shear is easy and convenient to operate, the company’s employees can easily master its operating skills and improve their work efficiency.

Made in China wins international market recognition and lays solid foundation for Saudi enterprises to improve production efficiency

Successful installation of hydraulic metal cutting machine
successful installation of hydraulic metal cutting machine

In conclusion, the successful installation of the gantry hydraulic metal cutting machine in this Saudi enterprise has not only solved the problem of shearing metal materials in its production process, but also improved its production efficiency and reduced costs, laying a solid foundation for its development. This is also one of the examples of Made in China being recognized in the international market.