Congratulations! A Saudi Arabian purchasing manager based in China has ordered an 800T hydraulic cutter. Our gantry shear machine is available in a wide range of models and can be customized to meet the different needs of our customers. Feel free to contact us if you need more information!

What is the purchased 800T hydraulic cutter used for?

This customer is the manager of a Saudi company based in China and purchases various types of machines for winning projects in Saudi Arabia.

This time also a super strong company in Saudi Arabia won a construction project, in the demolition of the building rebar and steel, which needed to use large size shears. This is why both were contacted after seeing Shuliy’s metal shears.

Waste construction rebar and steel
waste construction rebar and steel

Why did you choose Shuliy as the manufacturer and supplier of the heavy-duty metal shearing machine?

The office manager had given it a lot of thought. Being based in China, he was able to make a site visit to the manufacturing hydraulic cutter plant. After getting to know the machines, he wanted to have a site visit to our factory strength. Therefore, this customer came to the factory and we received him throughout and showed him our factory, manufacturing workshop, welding workshop, etc.

After the factory visit, this customer had a further understanding of our strengths and was so satisfied that he placed an order for the hydraulic cutter with Shuily us.

800t hydraulic cutter
800T hydraulic cutter