Our hydraulic baling press machine is very popular in the market for baling various kinds of waste, such as clothes, tires, bottles, etc. And because our hydraulic baling press can use different output balers according to the material to be baled, you can make inquiries for details!

Why did this Vietnamese customer buy Shuliy hydraulic baling press machine?

This Vietnamese customer bought it for his own use, packing and compressing all kinds of waste. And our hydraulic baler can do all kinds of waste baling, which meets this customer’s needs.

Hydraulic baling press machine
hydraulic baling press machine

During the whole negotiation process, this Vietnamese customer is more concerned about the packaging of the machine, and stressed the need to pack the machine well!

Packaging requirements: the mark should be well posted, forklift location markings are well written, and it is required to be packed first before payment.

After receiving the machine, the customer told us that the baling press machine works very well, will order again if needed, and will also recommend it to friends.

Vertical hydraulic baling press machine parameters for Vietnam

Vertical baler
Vertical baler
Pressure: 30 tons
Voltage: 380v,50hz
Power: 11kw
Machine size: 1600*850*2700mm
Bale size: 600*800*1000mm
1 set

Notes to the vertical hydraulic baling press machine:

  1. Payment term: 100%by T/T.
  2. Delivery time: In 5 days after receiving payment.

It is important to emphasize that this customer has requirements for the packaging of the machine. After the machine is ready and wrapped into the wooden box, the customer will pay immediately after seeing the pictures for confirmation.