As a renewable resource, scrap metal has become increasingly prominent in the context of increasingly scarce mineral resources. The waste metal processing equipment mainly serves the two major links of recovery and disposal of waste resources and classified processing. The metal baler machine is mainly to facilitate the recovery, transportation, and transfer of waste materials to the relevant deep processing plants for further recycling. And increasingly widely used metal balers are gradually welcomed by the market. Judging from the amount recovered and value recovered, the current scrap steel is far beyond other waste resources (such as other metals, waste plastics, waste paper, etc.). So what is the market outlook for scrap metal recycling?

Hydraulic metal balers for sale

According to statistics, the utilization rate of scrap metal in various countries is relatively low. With the continuous improvement of various scrap metal recycling technologies, the utilization rate of scrap metal will be steadily improved. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China ’s crude steel output was 1.54 billion tons, and waste steel consumption was 239 million tons, which is 21% of steel output. That is to say, 21% of steel is smelted from scrap iron, and the world average is 40% to 50%, the gap is large.

Horizontal aluminum cans baling machine
horizontal scrap metal baling machine

 This means that the application potential of China’s scrap steel resources is still very large. The scrap metal recycling market has been greatly developed under the background of long-term support by national policies. Much related waste resource processing equipment, such as hydraulic metal balers, metal shears, and metal chip briquetting machines, have been innovated and developed. The use of scrap steel recycling equipment can help alleviate the passive situation of iron ore imports.

Market analysis of scrap metal recycling

In 2016, the total amount of scrap steel recovered in China was 83.1 million tons, accounting for 56% of the recovery amount of all primary renewable resources, and the recovery value accounted for 48% of the recovery value of all primary renewable resources. The amount of waste metal recycling in China is increasing sharply. However, to achieve better utilization efficiency, good cooperation is needed in terms of recycling concepts, recycling channels, scrap metal resource management and operation, and national policies.

Waste aluminium sheets baling
Waste aluminum sheets baling

Scrap metal recycling merchants can use multiple channels to operate the scrap metal recycling industry, and use traditional markets, the Internet, and offline markets to promote the importance of scrap metal recycling and processing. Only when the scrap metal recycling company enlarges the market can there be room for profit, and the metal recycling business will form a large influence capacity.

The role of the metal recycling industry in the entire industrial development process is critical. In other words, it is very likely to affect or restrict the development of certain industries. The metal recycling industry around the world has been around for a long time and its development is very mature. From the perspective of market demand and development, it has been on an upward trend. Therefore, the market prospect of the metal recycling industry is still very impressive.