With the increasingly development for the metal processing industry, scrap metal waste is drawing more and more attention from countries. Many metal recycling plants have recycled all kinds of waste copper, waste iron wire, aluminum scraps, waste steel sheets, car shells and other waste metal materials in recent years. If we want to recycle these metal scraps, a series of Shuliy waste metal processing machines can do great help.

The common types of waste metal recycling plants

There are usually two modes of scrap metal recycling stations: the first is a small acquisition station located in a residential area, which can be used by many individual household customers as well as a variety of small merchant customers. The second is some large-scale recycling stations located in the suburbs, which are usually only targeted at professional acquisition personnel and do not accept personal scrap metal items. For customers who want to invest in a second large scrap metal recycling station, a series of metal balers and metal shears are definitely indispensable.

Shuliy metal baler for shipping
Shuliy metal baler for shipping

Which kind of metal recycling machine should you choose?

1. Metal crusher/Metal shear

As for the small size of waste metal scraps, the users can press these meat scraps directly with the hydraulic metal baling machine. However, most of the meat scraps have irregular shapes and sizes, such as iron sheets, steel scraps, aluminum pieces and so on, therefore, the metal recycling producers should cut the big metal scraps into small pieces with the help of metal crusher machine or the metal shears, which can cut the metal scraps into small size of sheets of flakes for baling or briquetting.

2. Scrap metal baler machine

Nearly all the metal wastes can be baled and recycled by the hydraulic metal baler machine. Different metal materials should use different hydraulic pressure of the machine because different metals have different hardness, such as aluminum cans, iron sheets, and wires, copper scraps, etc. And the hydraulic pressure for baling metal can be adjusted by the users themselves according to their actual requirements. Besides, based on different metal recycling needs, Shuliy machinery designed two kinds of the metal baler for customers to choose: the vertical metal baler and horizontal metal baler.

3. Metal chips briquette machine

There are always many metal chips left in the scrap metal recycling plants for dealing with every day. The users can choose the metal chips briquette machine to press these metal powder into small blocks. This efficient metal chips briquetting machine can help to save more metal resources and the final metal briquettes are easier to transport.