Double shaft scrap tire shredder

scrap tire shredder
scrap tire shredder

Scrap tire shredder (also named scrap metal shredding equipment) shears various tire through the synthetic effect of tearing and shearing. The waste tyre shredding machine is incredibly powerful and sharp, capable of shredding tires with large volume, high thickness and hardness with no need for pre-treatment. The steel wire in the tyre rim can be broken directly. This greatly improves production efficiency and saves labor at the same time. The waste tire shredding equipment has hooked blades with rotary cutting, with long service life, strong cutting ability, and high production capacity. The waste tire shredder is suitable for shredding car tires, motorcycle tires, truck tires, engineering vehicle tires, and many other scrap rubber materials. Shredded tires are often used in recycling systems such as waste tire granulation, grinding, and oil refining.

What kind of tires can be shredded?

Electric vehicle tires, motorcycle tires, car tires, truck tires, bus tires, engineering vehicle tires, RADIAL, BIAS, and various waste rubber products. Besides, other waste like scrap metal, plastics, wood, and others can also be processed by the waste tire shredding machine.

Structural characteristics of scrap tire shredder

The tire shredder consists of a knife box, motor, reducer, integrated trommel screen, frame, intelligent operation, maintenance control system, etc. The main shaft of the tire shredder is made of alloy steel 40Cr, which is forged, modulated, and processed as a whole.

scrap tire shredder structure details--1
scrap tire shredder structure details–1

1. Main body

The main body of the equipment is welded and machined with thickened steel plates to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy loads for a long time.

2. Moving and stationary blades

The moving knife material is made of special alloy tool steel forging blank, machining, multiple heat treatment, and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology to ensure the cutting performance and service life. The fixed knife adopts the patented hook-type installation, and the maintenance of the knife is convenient and quick.

3. Bearings and Seals

The bearing seat adopts the splicing and disassembling type, which can quickly remove the moving knife, fixed knife, bearing, and other components, easy to maintain and replace the tool, the sealing structure can effectively block the contact between broken objects and grease, and the handling of liquid materials can also protect the bearings and gears.

Besides, the waste rubber shredder machine can be equipped with an annular trommel screen for sieving tire pieces that meet the demand.

Outstanding advantages of rubber shredder machine

waste tire being processed and shredded tires--1
waste tire being processed and shredded tires–1
  • Thick shredder blades with high shredding efficiency, The knives of the scrap tire shredder are all cast with alloy steel, and the service life of the firmware is long.
  • The scope of application can be expanded, as long as the blade is replaced, it can also crush metal, wood, plastics, textile, and other materials.
  • The frame sheet is thick, resistant to high torques and very strong.
  • The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be replaced according to different materials, which is easy to adjust and has low maintenance costs.
  • Low speed, large torque, low noise and dust, stable performance and can meet the requirements of environmental protection standards.
  • Microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with the functions of start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control, which is simple to operate and effectively reduces labor intensity.

Rubber shredder machine video in working mode

How to choose the right blade for a tire shredder machine?

Depending on the material and finished product requirements, different industrial shredder blades structures are used. Appropriate shafts and knives are also be provided. As a tire shredder manufacturer, we will help you choose the right tire shredder blade to meet your different needs.

rubber shredder blades
rubber shredder blades

Tire shredder machine price

The tire shredder machine price is affected by many factors such as material quality and output. The quality of a scrap tire shredder mainly involves the design selection, manufacturing process, materials, and accessories. The material of the tool is the most important part of the price of the whole set of equipment. Reasonable material selection has a long service life and can handle complex types of materials.

The factors affecting the output mainly include the following aspects: the rotating diameter of the shredder tool, the material of the tool, and the transmission structure. Equipment with high output and stable operation has many processing steps, large working condition selection, power coefficient, and safety factor of reducer.

rubber shredder machine--1
rubber shredder machine–1

Technical data of the scrap tire shredder

Blade thickness20mm20mm
Blade number2020
Parameter of waste tire shredder

Shuliy Machinery offers a variety of scrap tire shredders. In the above table, the model differs in width length. For SL-400, it means the width length is 400mm. As there are two motors in each industrial shredder, the whole power needs to be doubled respectively. The blade specifications can vary with different molds. For special needs, we can supply customization services.

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