With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on resource recycling, scrap metal balers, as important equipment, play a key role in the field of scrap metal recycling.

Our metal baler is specially designed to handle all kinds of scrap metal, providing customers with a simple and efficient solution for scrap metal recycling.

Types of scrap metal that can be baled

Ferrous metal scrap

  • Scrap steel: such as scrap steel, edges and corners, construction scrap, offcuts and so on.
  • Scrap iron: including cast iron scrap, iron shavings, waste iron and parts.
  • Copper scrap: bare copper wire inside wire and cable skins, copper shavings, copper casting waste, etc.
  • Aluminum scrap: aluminum profile edges and corners, cans, aluminum foil, aluminum alloy parts waste and so on.

Non-ferrous metal scrap

Zinc scrap, tin scrap, nickel scrap, lead scrap and other common non-ferrous metal fragments and mixed metal scrap.

Automobile dismantling waste

  • Disintegrated automobile shell, including body, door, engine block and other large pieces of scrap metal.
  • Various types of metal scrap from auto parts, such as brake drums, engine parts, suspension parts, etc.

Container and packaging waste

  • Waste oil drums, paint buckets and other metal drums and cans.
  • Metal packaging such as cans, food cans, etc.

Other industrial wastes

Various metal wastes, cutting chips, grinding chips, etc. generated during industrial production.

Home appliances and electronic waste

A large number of metal parts generated after the scrapping of household appliances, such as the metal shells and internal metal components of refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and internal and external machines.

Equipment to bale scrap metal

The equipment used for all kinds of scrap metal compressed into blocks is called metal baler machine, which has the characteristics of a wide range of applications and strong practicality. The compressed metal blocks are convenient for storage and transportation and easy for metal recycling.

Metal scrap baling press
metal scrap baling press

Our metal baling presses can be selected according to the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the scrap metal, and the appropriate models and specifications. Whether it is small, or large-scale scrap metal recycling, our balers can meet the scrap metal baling operations of different sizes and needs.

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