With the development of industrialization and urbanization, waste disposal has become an important issue for global environmental protection and resource recycling. In this context, hydraulic balers have become one of the key equipment to solve the problem of waste compression, packaging and transportation.

Now I introduce types of Shuliy hydraulic baler machines for sale in the global market.

Vertical baler

This kind of hydraulic baler machine for sale is suitable for compression and baling of light waste materials, featuring a small footprint and easy operation, suitable for places with space limitations.

With the vertical hydraulic baler, you can compress waste materials into sturdy bales that are easy to store and transport. It is an efficient solution for handling waste materials and provides important support for environmental protection and resource recycling.

Vertical baler machine
vertical baler machine

Horizontal baler

Because of the horizontal type, this horizontal baler machine is mainly used for compression and baling of large waste materials, characterized by high pressure and high efficiency, suitable for places that need to deal with large quantities of waste materials.

By using our horizontal hydraulic baler machine for sale, you can quickly compress waste materials into compact blocks, reducing space and costs for storage and transportation and increasing the reuse rate of waste materials.

Horizontal hydraulic baler
horizontal hydraulic baler

Scrap metal compactor

The metal baler is specially used for the compression and baling of metal scraps, which can compress all kinds of metal scraps into regular blocks for easy transportation and reuse.

It can be used for all kinds of metal scraps, such as steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The scrap metal baler has a high operating efficiency, which can provide a reliable solution for the treatment of metal scraps, and it is one of the indispensable equipment in industrial production.

Scrap metal press machine
scrap metal press machine

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