A large number of beverage cans in our lives are made of aluminum. The recycling of aluminum cans can not only save a lot of aluminum resources but also reduce the pollution of waste aluminum to the natural environment. Aluminum can recycling often uses aluminum cans baler machine to squeeze various beverage cans into smaller cubes.

Why do we need to recycle aluminum cans?

The annual sales of aluminum cans in the United States exceed 100 billion, but the recycling rate is less than 50%. A similar number of aluminum cans have been incinerated or landfilled in other countries.

Today, 1.5 million tons of waste aluminum cans are added annually worldwide. The production of corresponding new aluminum cans wastes a lot of energy and raw materials and damages the environment.

It is generally believed that aluminum metal is sustainable, which means that it can be recycled countless times without material loss. Perhaps there is no metal that is cheaper, faster, and more energy-efficient than recycled aluminum. Aluminum is a material that can be 100% recycled, and it only takes 60 days from the aluminum cans to the recycling station to the recycling to the shelf again.

Hydraulic aluminum cans recycling machine
hydraulic aluminum cans recycling machine

Although aluminum cans are a common form of recycling, aluminum tools, aluminum building parts, aluminum auto parts, and even aluminum aircraft parts can all be recycled.

No matter what kind of aluminum products are to be made, the method of recycling aluminum cans is far more energy-efficient than the method of smelting raw materials to obtain aluminum. Compared with smelting aluminum from bauxite, recycling aluminum can save about 90%-95% of energy.

How to recycle aluminum cans?

At present, the main processing equipment for aluminum can recycling is the hydraulic aluminum can baler machine. This hydraulic baler has completely replaced the previous hammer briquetting, pneumatic briquetting machine and other methods. The aluminum can packer plays an absolutely important role in the metal recycling, recycling smelting, scrap metal transportation, and dismantling industries.

Cans recycling with the aluminum can baler
cans recycling with the aluminum can baler

The hydraulic aluminum cans baler machine has three directions of compression force when working, that is, from top to bottom, from front to back, and from left to right. After the aluminum can is compressed in three directions, it will become a dense mass. The oversized bin of the machine can place more aluminum cans, scrap steel, stainless steel, scrap steel bars, and other metal scraps.