Shuliy’s hydraulic baling press is a recycling baler with a wide range of applications. If you want to know what kind of materials can be baled by Shuliy’s hydraulic balers, you need to know what kinds of hydraulic baling machines Shuliy has. Then you can know what kind of materials can be baled?

Hydraulic baling press from Shuliy

Hydraulic oil drum baler machine

Hydraulic vertical baler machine

Hot-selling hydraulic vertical baler uses hydraulic pressure for baling various materials. This machine has a single cylinder and double cylinders, mainly according to the material to be baled to choose.

Horizontal baler for sale

Horizontal recycling baling press

This horizontal baler is the favorite of various waste paper factories. This machine can also use a conveyor belt, which is more automatic and very convenient. If any interest, welcome to contact us for more details!


Metal Baling Machine for various scrap metals

Shuliy scrap metal baler is suitable for various scrap materials, baling them into regular shapes. The shape of the bale can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Materials that can be baled by Shuliy hydraulic baling press

According to the above hydraulic baler, we can bale the following materials.

The above is only a partial list of materials that can be baled by the Shuliy hydraulic baling press. In addition, there are oil drums, metal shavings, scrap copper wire, construction scrap steel, cotton, materials similar to the above, and so on.

If the material you want to pack is not mentioned above, it’s no problem, please contact us and tell us, and our professionals will answer for you!