This hydraulic shear is mainly used for shearing various metal scraps, such as round steel, iron plate, etc. Shuliy heavy-duty gantry shear has the advantages of high output, wide application, and long service life. In June this year, we exported the model-800 gantry shear to Bahrain.

Bahraini customer profile

This Bahraini customer works for a large group of companies, which are involved in various industries such as perfume, real estate, food, etc. Therefore, this customer is very powerful. Therefore, this customer is very powerful.

The whole process of selling the hydraulic shear

Scrap metal shear
scrap metal shear

We contacted each other via WhatsApp.

At the beginning of the contact, this customer wanted not only a gantry shear but also a metal baler. Therefore, our sales manager confirmed with him the raw material he wanted to bale and recommended a 125-ton metal baler. When knowing he wanted to do rebar baling, the sales manager recommended a 160-ton metal baler. Because this one is more suitable for his business.

Then, based on his demands, we recommended the 800T gantry shear to him and told him the price. We sent the working video, pictures, etc. The Bahrain client put forward that he arranged one person to visit our factory. Thus, we visited the factory together and the client felt satisfied.

Finally, the Bahrain client decided to buy a 800T gantry shear, and then we signed the contract.

Working video of the hydraulic gantry shear sent to Bahrain client