The scrap metal chip briquette machine is the commonly used metal recycling equipment in many industrial fields. For saving and re-using all kinds of metal resources, the automatic metal chips briquetting machine is the necessary machine to choose from.

High density iron briquettes
high-density iron briquettes

Why can the metal briquette machine recycle resources?

With the rapid development of machinery manufacturing, real estate and automobile manufacturing in various countries, the demand for metal resources has increased greatly. However, the metal resources in the reserves of the natural resources are insufficient, people over-exploitation and exercise energy consumption make the metal resources greatly wasted.

Hydraulic metal chips briquetting machine
hydraulic metal chips briquetting machine

The circular economy is the best economic model in which we live in harmony with nature, and the comprehensive utilization of resources is an important part of a circular economy. Scrap metal resources mainly include scrap steel, scrap copper, scrap aluminum and scrap zinc, among which scrap steel accounts for more than 90%.

Hydraulic waste metal chips press machine for sale

Most of these scrap metal resources come from processing scrap metal produced in the production process of various industrial and mining enterprises and waste metal resources in social life. But no matter what the scrap metal, through processing, ability to become a qualified metal exercise material. A large amount of metal dust powder can be extruded by the metal briquette machine, forming a regular cylindrical shape, easy to transport and storage.

Metal briquetting machine is in manufacturing
metal briquetting machine is in manufacturing

Metal chip briquetting machine manufacturer

The metal chip press machine is the common equipment to deal with all kinds of metal chips, its processing method is in the room temperature will cast iron, copper, aluminum chips directly pressed into a high-density cylinder.

If the material is a long strip of scrap steel, the scrap steel needs to be broken into powder before pressing. The metal scrap processed by the briquette machine has a general density of more than 4500kg/m³, which can greatly reduce the volume of the scrap, improve the transport capacity and return to the furnace for exercise, and reduce the environmental pollution in the process of transportation.

The automation degree of metal chip press machine is high, the production rate is also high, generally using 160 tons to 500 tons of metal chip press, the production rate in a ton an hour to four tons an hour.

Various metal chip briquettes
various metal chip briquettes