As the professional scrap metal chips recycling machine manufacturer and supplier, Shuliy brand machinery has been shipped and installed in many foreign countries in recent years. Especially many Southeast Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, have bought many sets of metal baler machines and metal chips briquette machines for their waste metal scraps recycling plants.

The purchasing process of the Malaysian customer for metal briquetting machine

In November this year, a customer from Malaysia ordered an iron powder briquette machine with an output of 300 kg per hour. The customer operates a small and medium-sized scrap repurchase plant. He used to recycle all kinds of waste cardboard boxes, worn clothes, and plastic waste. When the scale of the factory expanded, he also started to recycle and sell all kinds of waste metals, such as iron flakes, copper scraps, steel plates, metal processing scraps, etc.

Iron chips briquette machines are in manufacturing
Iron chips briquette machines are in manufacturing

Because there are often a lot of fine metal scraps in the recycling station, such as iron oxide powder and aluminum powder, which cannot be fully recovered and reused, he wanted to find a machine that can recover metal scraps. He browsed many websites and finally found that the metal chip briquette machine on our website is very suitable for his needs. He immediately called the contact information on our website and asked us for more information about the machine.

Shuliy iron chips briquette machine for sale

The raw material the customer wants to process is mainly iron oxide powder, but iron oxide is not easy to stick together, so he also bought us a ton of adhesive. The customer’s briquette demand was to use the metal chip briquetting machine to press iron oxide powder into a 76 mm diameter round cake. After briquetting, he will sell these briquettes into the iron mill plants. The working capacity of this metal briquetting machine he bought is about 300kg/h.

Metal scrap briquettes
metal scrap briquettes

The customer originally made an appointment for us to come to our factory to visit and inspect the goods after placing an order. However, the customer later canceled the appointment due to a vacation abroad. The customer paid a 30% deposit when placing the order, and he settled the final payment to us in time after receiving the goods. And he feedbacks that our metal chip briquette machine is very simple to use and has a high working efficiency, and said that he will cooperate with us again in the future.