The cardboard compactor belongs to the hydraulic baler, used for the waste carton, and cardboard boxes. Now we can use more on the market or a carton baler, so it’s important to choose a proper hydraulic cardboard baling press for customers’ businesses. There are some summarized suggestions to share with you, hoping to help you.

Shuliy horizontal hydraulic baling press
shuliy horizontal hydraulic baling press

Kinds of hydraulic cardboard compactor for sale

First, understand the type of baling machine. Hydraulic carton baler is also divided into many kinds, taking our Shuliy machinery as an example, the machine has fully automatic, and semi-automatic. The horizontal baler has automatic and semi-automatic, and there is also the vertical cardboard baler.

Our professionals will recommend the right model for you according to the characteristics of the customer, to facilitate your need to make references when buying a baler machine.

Methods of baling waste cardboard boxes

Secondly, you need to understand whether you need manual labor when you are doing baling. If you do not want the manual, in hope of fully automatic for scrap carton baling, then a fully automatic horizontal baler is perfect.

Of course, if you want a cheaper but still good performance machine for compacting cardboard, the vertical cardboard baler and semi-automatic cardboard compactor are suitable for your needs.

Reliable hydraulic cardboard compactor manufacturer & supplier

Finally, the main thing is to look for a manufacturer. As far as possible, you can choose a company with a good social reputation and quality management guarantee.

Such as our Shuliy machinery, our hydraulic baler machine has quality assurance, and the production of information technology is also very mature. Also, we continue to update the upgrade machine according to the changes in the market, so that customers are very satisfied with the use. Of course, we also have a caring after-sales service.