Scrap copper is a kind of copper resource that is discarded from daily and industrial production and utilization. It is also a metal product with a very high recovery value, which can be recycled by a series of metal recycling equipment. The value of waste copper recycling is great, and the processing technology is simple. The waste copper baler machine is a very common recycling machine. So what should we pay attention to when recycling copper scrap resources?

Disposal methods before scrap copper recovery

Waste copper scraps for recycling
waste copper scraps for recycling

First, the collected scrap copper must be sorted. Waste copper that is not contaminated or copper alloys with the same composition can be packed in batches with a metal baler and then returned to the furnace for melting and direct use. Severely polluted copper scrap needs further refining to remove impurities. For mixed copper alloy scraps, composition adjustment is required after melting. Through such regeneration treatment, the physical and chemical properties of copper are not damaged, and the efficiency of copper scrap recovery will be higher.

Precautions about copper scrap baling recycling

Horizontal metal baler machine for sale
horizontal metal baler machine for sale
  1. Recover according to the copper content. Under normal circumstances, the copper sold in the market has a higher copper content, and the value can be more guaranteed. The brass contained in the recovered copper scrap has a low copper content, and zinc is the main material. Recycled copper scrap will also be differentiated according to different materials to achieve different pricing and selection of reuse methods. The classified waste copper resources can be sequentially packed and recycled using hydraulic metal balers.
  2. Among the waste copper materials, there must be waste materials and other pollutants covering the coating. Therefore, when recycling copper scrap, the resin coating and the alloy surface must be removed, and clean and better-colored copper should be distinguished from copper scrap with more serious pollutants. For larger and irregular copper sheets and copper blocks, etc., the gantry shear machine can be used for pretreatment. By using this recycling method, high-quality and reliable scrap copper products can be quickly recovered and sold. The method based on the purity of copper can also make better use of the recovered products in the corresponding industry, and realize the value of more rapid re-use.