The waste steel scrap baling machine (metal baler machine) of Shuliy machinery has become a hot-sale product in the African market in recent years. This metal scraps baler machine has not only saved and recycled a lot of metal resources for Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, and many other African countries but also promoted the development of the local economy to a large extent.

Horizontal metal sheets press details
horizontal metal sheets press details

The great prospects for shipping metal balers to African countries

Since 2013, with the continuous optimization and innovation of metal recycling machinery in our factory, the performance of the scrap steel baling machines has been playing better and better. More and more countries have bought our machinery, and some countries have even reached the willingness of long-term cooperation with us. Our Shuliy machinery hydraulic type of metal baler gradually became the industry benchmark.

Different types of metal balers are in stock
different types of metal balers are in stock

Hydraulic waste steel baling machines were shipped to Algeria

In the middle of last month, two scrap balers manufactured by our factory for Algerian customers were formally built and successfully passed various tests, with excellent performance. We process the automatic metal scrap baler machine in strict accordance with the specific requirements of customers, including the voltage, hydraulic pressure, tonnage, discharge mode, and even the painting color of the machine shape.

After two weeks of careful manufacturing, the two steel scrap balers have left for Shanghai port, to the destination of the Democratic Republic of Algeria by sea. We notified the customer as soon as the machine was delivered. We also sent the customer a detailed instruction video on machine installation and operation and a maintenance instruction manual for the machine to help the customer properly use the metal baler