This metal shear is mainly used for shearing various light materials and are one of the three types of shears. It has the advantages of simple structure and easy to use. In June this year, a customer from Indonesia bought this hydraulic scrap shear from us.

The brief introduciton of Indonesia customer

This Indonesian customer is a distributor who sells various metal-related machines to the local market. Shearing machine is also one of his business scope. So, he wants to buy the scrap shear to facilitate his business.

Why did the Indonesia customer choose this hydraulic scrap shear?

From the Indonesian customer’s point of view, the machine was chosen for the following reasons.

  1. To expand his business scope. His company sells various types of machines, and the shear is also a type of metal machine.
  2. Reduce his risk. But for the shear machine, although seen before, but is the first time to sell this machine. This machine is cost-effective in comparison, so choose this machine.
Industrial metal shear machine for sale
industrial metal shear machine for sale

What are the specifications of the hydraulic scrap shear?

Standard shear force250T
Oil pump80*1
Cutting blade length1200mm
Way to controlautomatic/manual operation
Number of cutting per minute8-12

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