The hydraulic vertical metal baler is mainly to pack and utilize waste cardboard, cans, cotton textile, industrial metal wastes, and other waste materials. One of our Brazilian customers recently ordered ten sets of this vertical baler machine from us. And we have prepared these machines and are now arranging the delivery. We believe that the vertical balers will arrive in Brazil soon.

What can the hydraulic vertical baler machine do?

The vertical baler can compress and pack various waste paper, waste plastic, waste cloth, straw, cotton, straw, cereal straw, and other items, making it double the volume and convenient for packaging and transportation. Vertical metal baler is an important waste processing equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower, reduce transportation costs and reduce storage space.

Hydraulic metal baler
hydraulic metal baler

 This hydraulic vertical baler has the characteristics of compact structure, sturdy and durable, economical and practical, easy to operate, safe and reliable, etc. It is ideal equipment for getting rich in industries such as material packaging and waste recycling.

The vertical balers purchasing details of the Brazilian customer

The Brazilian customer wants to buy a baler to pack a variety of metal scrap, used tires and aluminum cans. He is a middleman, mainly purchasing various types of machines for some domestic manufacturers. He made it clear that his customers did not want to buy large metal balers, so our sales manager recommended him our hot product: vertical hydraulic balers.

This multifunctional vertical baler has a wide range of applications and is favored by many domestic and foreign customers. This vertical metal baler can not only pack all kinds of metal waste, such as iron wire, iron sheet, aluminum can, copper wire, etc., but also various plastic bottles, waste cardboard, and cardboard boxes, and waste clothes.

Vertical baler machines are loading
vertical baler machines are loading

Shuliy hydraulic metal baler for sale

We sent customers detailed machine information, including parameters, working videos, pictures of various machines and finished products, quotations, etc., and answered customer consultation questions in detail. But because the customer did not know much about the metal baler, he was still worried about the quality of the machine.

We suggested that the customer can first purchase a machine for testing, and if the machine works satisfactorily, he can increase the order. The customer agreed with our proposal and purchased a vertical baler machine for testing. A month later, this Brazilian customer contacted us and asked to order 10 vertical balers for their customers. He said that his customers had very good feedback on the use of our machines. And he expressed that he is willing to cooperate with our company for a long time.