This automatic baling machine is loved by customers from all over the world because of its good baling effect, wide range of applications, and good quality of the machine. In January this year, a customer from Malaysia ordered a 120T automatic hydraulic baler for cardboard from us.

Basic information about this Malaysian client

This Malaysian customer was introduced by a previous customer and purchased this automatic baling machine for his own use.

The process of Shuliy 120T automatic baling machine with the Malaysian customer

Because this customer was introduced by a previous customer, the quality of the machine is also very well understood, mainly the specific details of the specific model of the machine for in-depth understanding.

Automatic baling machine
automatic baling machine

After contacting, Tina first videoed with the customer to see the factory and confirmed the model of the automatic baling machine according to the customer’s demand.

Then, Tina and the customer confirmed the details of the parameters step by step. After all these were confirmed, this customer made an export tax inquiry on his own.

Since he had his own agent, he made a contract and sent it to the agent with the agent’s confirmation. After confirming that there were no errors, the payment was made.

Machine parameters for Malaysia

Model: 120
Power: 22kw
Baler size: adjustable length*1100*800mm
Baler density: 400-500kg/m³
Baler weight: 600-800kg/baler (according to different materials)
Capacity: 5-6 baler /hour
Bundling method: 4 manual strapping
Dimension: 6800*1700*1800mm
Feeding inlet: 1400mm
Oil cylinder outer diameter: 230mm
Oil pump: Type 80 variable displacement plunger pump
Conveyor: 5*1.2m
1 set

Notes to 120T automatic baling machine for Malaysia:

  1. Machine voltage: 415v 50hz 3p.
  2. Quality standard: according to the customer’s customized standard.
  3. For the bale size: the length is adjustable.
  4. The conveyor is equipped