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Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is a domestic research and development and production enterprise of hydraulic equipment. Mainly produce scrap metal baler, scrap steel shearing machine, metal shredder, Chinese herbal medicine baler, waste clothes baler, cotton baler, metal shavings briquetting machine, automatic horizontal baler, gantry shearing machine, scrap cars. Companies that shred and recycle equipment are favored by users.

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Born for waste resources, recycling waste resources

Hydraulic waste cardboard baler for sale

The hydraulic cardboard baler is especially for waste cardboard and…

Double shaft shredder-scrap metal crusher

Double shaft shredder (twin shaft shredder) is specialized in shredding…

Scrap metal baler

The horizontal metal baler also can be called waste iron…

Gantry shear-hydraulic metal shear

This hydraulic metal shearing machine(metal shear, sheet metal shear or…


Born for waste resources, recycling waste resources

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Hydraulic baler for waste recycling

Costa Rica uses our 40-tonne hydraulic baler for waste paper efficient recycling

A paper recycling company in Costa Rica was facing problems of tight storage space, high transport costs and low processing…

Shuliy vertical compactor

Successfully use our vertical compactor in Philippine waste tyre recycling plant

A waste tyre recycling plant owner in the Philippines wanted to improve the processing efficiency and profitability of its business.…

Iron scrap baling press

125T iron scrap baling press for Malaysia to meet market demand

The Malaysian customer was looking for an efficient baling solution in the scrap metal recycling market, especially for scrap such…

Metal scrap baler

SL-125T metal scrap baler for iron recycling in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, a plant specializing in metal reprocessing was faced with the challenge of baling swarf. Efficient metal scrap baler…

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Scrap metal to be baled

What scrap metal can be baled?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on resource recycling, scrap metal balers, as important equipment, play…

Scrap metal baler price

How to get scrap metal baler price?

Metal balers play an important role in the scrap metal recycling industry. Knowing the scrap metal baler price is a…

Scrap metal baler for sale australia

What should you know scrap metal baler for sale Australia?

With the rapid development of the Australian scrap metal recycling market and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the high-performance…

Scrap baling machine manufacturer

Who is the best scrap baling machine manufacturer?

In today's environmentally conscious world, efficient scrap metal processing has become a global concern. As a professional scrap baling machine…